Solids Removal & Oil Recovery System (SRORS)

A sustainable Solution For Mills & Patented Green Technology

In compliance with the stringent government regulation for discharge especially BOD20, Solids Removal & Oil Recovery System (SRORS) is introduced to the market. SRORS is a pure mechanical system consisting of an Aqua Eco Filtration Unit that concentrates the discharge and a 3-phase decanter that removes solids and recovers oil from the thicken sludge without the use of any chemicals. Apart from that, this technology is innovated by Aqua Ecotech and exclusively distributed by Synergy Ecotech Engineering (A subsidiary of YKL Group)

How SRORS Will Benefits Your Mill



Easier to achieve DOE final discharge requirement


SRORS, A Pure Mechanical System

Thickening Aquaeco Filtration

SRORS 3 Phase Decanter

SRORS Final Output