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Heavy Duty FFB60 / Splitter

The Heavy Duty FFB60/Splitter machine helps in better steam penetration on the fruit bunches during the sterilization process. Shorter cooking duration for fruit bunches and reduces steam consumption. The other indirect benefits are the improvement of Oil Extraction Rate (OER) and Kernel Extraction Rate (KER), due to lower Un-stripped Bunches (USB) and Hard Bunches (HB) losses.



Hard Bunch Separator & Crusher

The Hard Bunch Separator & Crusher assists to segregate HB and USB. It will crush and loosen the USB just like any ordinary bunch crusher. For those poorly sterilized HB, the helical strip design on the rollers will help to push the HB forward, entering the splitting section at discharge end. The HB will be split in this section. After split, the HB will be recycled back into cages for re-cooking process therefore proper stripping can be achieved thereafter.



Heavy Duty Empty Fruit Bunch Shredder

With identification of the beneficial use of EFB in the market, EFB in its natural form (big and oval shape) is difficult to be utilized. These bunches need to be cut into short and loose form before they can be used. Hence, our Heavy Duty EFB Shredder comes in handy to perform the duty of shredding EFB into fibre length of 3” to 6” mainly before can be used as raw material for biomass compost, boiler fuel and etc.

KH777-8 / 12 / 15

Multi-use Biomass Fuel Fibre Press

These series of EFB Press machines were designed to fulfil different needs of palm oil market.