An Innovative Modern KCP

Redefine Your Kernel Crushing Plant For Optimal Efficiency, Systematized & Innovation


For over 40 years of experience in Palm Oil-related industry, we continue to strike for perfection by executing R&D works in terms of improvising existing products and develop of new innovation. The ultimate motive of continuous improvement is to satisfy and therefore meet the needs of our precious clients; both locally or overseas. On the other hand, it allows us to convert ideas into practical reality. In consonance with our Marketing Director's ideal, " Innovation is part of our company's DNA. It helps us discover unique solution to common problems in the industry". Recently, we managed to undertake a Kernel Crushing Plant Turnkey Project as large as 1200MT/Day in Indonesia.

With YKL's Technology, we offers efficient, systematized as well as innovative KCP products where it would ensure the Kernel Crushing Plant could be performed in an optimal plant capacity and oil extraction rate.

By partnering up with YKL Group, it enables you to access with our expert where we would embark of all stages from initial project blueprints, system planning, technical consultation & coordination, developing & implementing project plan, monitoring progress against plan, logistic of the whole project, professional installation and thus handing over the completed & commissioned project.  


Unlike any other plants, this integrated complex has the capacity to receive, process and crush 1,200 metric tons of palm kernels per day.


Preliminary Screening System

Rotary Strainer (Top)

Removing non-metallic foreign material.

Duo Magnetic Drum (Bottom)

Duo Drum with high magnetic flux to give maximum protection to machinery against metallic impurities.

Kernel Pre-treatment System (Kernel Dryer)

Palm Kernels will be air-dried with a consistent stream of hot air to achieve the ideal moisture for maximum extraction.

Palm Kernel & Cake Belt Weigher with Data Collection & Analysis

To continuously monitor production efficiency. Data collected can easily being compute for OER, kernel cake production rate, production throughput and mass balance.

Automated Seed Pressing Machine
High Capacity with Duo Shaft & Lowest Downtime

Patented Duo Shaft Design

Acts as a failsafe when foreign matters accidentally enter the machine, which typically would severely damage the machine and impact the process.With this innovative Duo Shaft in place, it becomes significantly faster to assemble, replace and maintain the machine, resulting in reduced downtime during scheduled maintenance sessions.

Automatic Leaf Filter with PLC System

To mitigate the possibilities of human error, this innovation is operated entirely by the PLC control system with precise time-based settings for every filtration cycle. This makes the system management as easy as a touch of a button.

Automatic Duct Brush Cleaning System

Specially design for Kernel Crushing Plant where smoke and moisture evaporated from the Kernel Expeller. Forward Reverse Winch Drive, automatically drive the cleaning brush along the air ducting at a preset time interval.

Kernel Cake Primary Cooler

Final cakes are first sent to a primary cooler to bring down their temperature before storage to prevent fire hazards in the warehouse. This cutting-edge design uses a heat exchanger system to drastically improve the heat transfer of the kernel cakes. This reduces their core temperature quickly in a short amount of time before they are sent to the warehouse.

Plant Performance Data for Data Analysis, Inclusive of Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Program

All these systems are closely monitored by a centralised SCADA system for data analysis with a scheduled preventive maintenance program to monitor all ongoing processes in the plant, delivering a much more modern approach to the entire complex.


Dust Suppression Cone (DSC)