Product Category l Kernel Crushing Plant


YTH-9.35 & YTH-9.18

Light & Easy-care Maintenance With YKL's Patented Detachable Press Shaft

YKL Group is introducing this most functional expeller machine in the kernel crushing industry, which is capable of achieving maximum throughput with minimum oil residue and sludge in the final press. Hence, resulted in higher OER in your kernel crushing plant.


Automated Seed Pressing Machine

Our latest invention, YTH18 able to achieve capacity as high as 35MT of palm kernel per day. With the new design of continuous screw concept, it is easier to dismantle, therefore shorter the maintenance process.


Automated Seed Pressing Machine

This machine is designed with single screw concept to maximize pressing efficiency. With double stage pressing system design, oil loss in final cake can be reduced.

KCP Ancillary

Modern KCP
Turnkey Project

YKL Group managed to undertake a Kernel Crushing Plant Turnkey Project as large as 1200MT/Day in Indonesia. With YKL's Technology, we offers efficient, systematized as well as innovative KCP products where it would ensure the Kernel Crushing Plant could be performed in an optimal plant capacity and oil extraction rate.